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Day 1 and 2 - Travelling and Stockholm.
After an early start and a trip to Heathrow we finally got to Stockholm.
The weather when we landed changed from sunny to stormy and everyone blamed
us even though the weather in Wales was beautiful.
We ordered take away burgers to eat in the hotel as it was too wet to walk anywhere.
The next day we tried to travel to the island of Vassaro but had to turn around because the sea
was too rough to cross. Instead we had a great day in Stockholm visiting the Vasa museum,
sightseeing and going bowling. We started to make a lot of new friends!
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Day 3 - The Island
We tried again to travel to the island and this time we got there! It took us about 4 hours from
where we stayed to get there by train, bus and finally boat. When we got to the island we took a tour and then
played some football. In the night the island is completely dark so we have to move around using torches. To
get used to this the children played an orienteering game IN THE DARK using only torches. We then went
to a camp fire where we sang songs all about water. We sang Row Row Row your boat. The best bit though
was singing Happy Birthday to Dylan in 5 different languages: Welsh, Swedish, German, English and Turkish!
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Day 4 - Island activities.
Today we went on a trapper trail. A trapper was someone who caught animals to get their fur to sell. They
would live on an island and would set traps to capture and kill the animals. This doesn't happen anymore
and the traps are illegal to set. The trapper would travel for weeks setting up his traps and would have
to find ways to cross dangerous land by building bridges and ladders. We went out on the trail but didn't catch
any animals only a few people!!! We also went sailing in boats and canoes, played team games and looked
at the animals of the sea. But best of all we had a disco. We danced the night away with all our new friends
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Day 5 - Leaving the island.
The final day on the island. We said goodbye to our favourite places, like the toilets and the showers!!! During
the morning we had some free time and sang songs about the water cycle. We then travelled back to Stockholm
how we got there we don't know seeing as Captains Ffion, Dylan and James took the wheel. When we got back
to the hostel we were all pleased to have flushing toilets. We ate pizza and then went to bed.
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Day 6 - The Final day of the camp.
Wow!!!!! What an emotional day. It started with a visit to the Stockholm school in the morning where we
learnt about the fish of the Baltic sea. This started with a talk about the different types of water and fish in the
area and ended with us looking at the fish and even dissecting them. We also had a tour of the school,
made rope key rings and played football (it ended 5-5). We then went into Stockholm and did some shopping and sight seeing. We saw the
royal palace and where the Nobel prizes are presented. Then we played a lot of games, the best of which was spit the frog (haribo). If you look closely
at the photos you might see the frogs. We had a lovely dinner and said a very tearful goodbye to our new friends.

Well after another tearful fairwell to our friends in the hotel we wnet and played minigolf in the park with the children from Otto Wels. We played for fun and were really
impressed with Dylan and Ffion who both had hole in 1's. Then we set off on our long
journey home. The Berlin children's flight was delayed so we said another goodbye
(with slightly fewer tears), and then made our way home. A massive thank you to Mr Thomas for picking us. The final thank you has to go to the children who conducted themselves brilliantly throughout the week and who all made a good impression on the staff and children of all the other schools involved. Thank you I had a lovely time with you all.
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