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Here you can find a lot of information about the GERMAN DAY in Höganäs (Sweden):
Maral Larkian and Detlef Schmidt, teachers of the Rosa Parks Primary, travelled to Höganäs on 23rd April 2015. Well, a long trip by plane to Copenhagen, then by train to Helsingborg and at last by bus to Höganäs. But nevertheless it was a nice stay at the Bruksskolan in Höganäs. We visited the school for 2 days. First the GERMAN DAY started on Thursday, 24th April, with an assembly. Then we went to some 5th and 6th formers and had some nice talkes with the students, talking about Berlin, Germany and how Berlin and Germany have been in the past and how they are nowadays.
Then we had the typical German meal: Schnitzel with potatoes and vegetables. Very nice!
We had met also the students who went to the Berlin Camp in May 15. A group of 8 nice kids - see the photos.
Well, in the afternoon we showed the pupils the video about Berlin and Germany and then the winners of the quiz were picked out of the "hat" at the 2nd assembly. We also had brought a football Final Berlin ball.jpg, T-shirts (EU) and lovely sweets with us for the winners.
You can find the quiz questions here - may be you can answer them?!
for classes 4-6 Quiz 2
Some photos of our stay at Bruksskolan and the GERMAN DAY: PHOTOS

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We had 2 assemblies: one in the morning and one in the afternoon. / In the afternoon we could show our Berlin & Germany video and we picked the winners of the quiz. / Here are the students who will come to the BERLIN CAMP. Welcome!
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